The Physical Exam Form (CRF-02) has two parts: Part A – Range of Motion Measurements (completed by the physician or designee), and Part B – Strength Measurements (completed by research

  •  The physician (or designee) can complete Part A in one of three ways: on paper, electronically in clinic, or as a REDCap email survey sent by the RA. These options are similar to the Surgery Report Form and are explained with more detail below in F3. Keep in mind that Part A can only be completed AFTER the patient has been consented. If the same range of motion measurements on the Physical Exam Form are recorded as part of the patient’s standard clinical exam, the form may be filled out using data from the clinical exam. If these same measurements were not performed during the routine clinical exam, they will need to be taken and recorded before the patient leaves clinic.
  • The RA can complete Part B either using the paper form or by entering the measurements directly into the REDCap instrument. If using the paper form, scan and upload a copy to Source Documents within one week. VUMC will complete the REDCap data entry in this scenario. If entering the measurement directly into REDCap, be sure to select “direct data entry” at the top of the form to indicate there is no corresponding paper source document.