There are 3 ways to complete the Surgery Report Form:

  1. On Paper – The site RA provides the MD a paper copy on the day of surgery that the MD completes and returns within 1 week. The site RA then uploads the completed form to REDCap.
  2. Electronically in clinic – The site RA pulls up an electronic survey version of the form in REDCap on a computer or iPad for the MD to fill out (the same way patients complete their baseline survey electronically in clinic).
  3. Electronically via email – The site RA generates a unique link to a REDCap survey version of that particular patient’s Surgery Report Form and sends it to the MD via email. Using this link, the MD can complete the form at their leisure on their own computer within 1 week. (NOTE: To protect patient privacy, the MD will need to answer a security question in order to access the patient’s Surgery Report Form once they click the link.) For details on how to complete the REDCap version of the Surgery Report Form, refer the MD to the “MD CRF Completion Guide” document in their MD reference binder.

It is up to the physician which of these methods he/she prefers. You should talk with each of your recruiting physicians ahead of time to find out how they want to complete the Surgery Report Form for their patients.