A patient can take as much time as they need to consider and/or discuss with other family members before deciding to participate. If they need more time, give them a Patient Study Fact Sheet to take home, as well as your business card with your contact information. Ask the patient to contact you if they would like to participate. Let them know that, if they do decide they want to participate, they would need to return to clinic in person to sign the consent and complete the enrollment procedures. This would be an appointment with the research staff only, NOT a billable clinic visit. Document that they needed more time in the screening log and save the entry as UNVERIFIED.

If the patient later decides they want to participate, schedule a time for them to come in to complete the enrollment process and record this in the notes section. Once the patient returns to clinic, proceed with enrollment procedures and update their screening log record accordingly afterward. If you have not heard from the patient within one week of the initial appointment, call the patient to follow up and document the details of the call in the recruitment site notes section. If the patient declines, note this and complete the screening log accordingly. If you cannot reach the patient, look in their medical record to determine what treatment the patient has decided to pursue (if possible) and update the screening log accordingly. Then save the form as COMPLETE. (See SOP for more detailed instructions.)