The last section of the Baseline Questionnaire that asks about treatment preference should ALWAYS be reviewed prior to randomizing a patient. If the patient indicates a strong preference for one treatment over the other, or there is a significant difference in how successful the patient believes each of the two treatments will be, take a moment to discuss this with the patient. Clarify the concept of randomization, if necessary, and explain to the patient that they may not be assigned to their preferred treatment. Confirm that the patient is willing to pursue either treatment and to stick with their assigned treatment for at least six months. If they say that they would likely cross over before six months or drop out if they didn’t get their preferred treatment, explain that this study may not be a good fit for them since its success requires patients to be randomized. Remind them that they are free to not participate in the study and choose their own treatment, if they prefer. However, the patient’s answer to this question does not disqualify them.